Lizzie Smith Hypnotherapy - loneliness at university

University years are something that we approach with a great deal of expectation and excitement. For many it is the first time they are away from home and it sounds like a wonderful mix of parties, new friends and studying. There is a great deal of pressure on making the most of every minute and some can experience loneliness at university.

As we approach the end of the first term – how do you feel it is going?

For the vast majority of first year students in those early weeks – it’s not that great. The truth is that it can be very lonely. Everyone around you seems to be living their best life, but it doesn’t feel like it to you. Something feels like it is missing. Almost half of UK students admit to feeling loneliness at University and 37% consider dropping out, so you really are not alone.

I speak to lots of students online at Universities around the country and the loneliness they feel can be very overwhelming for them. Human beings are social animals and thrive when in contact with others. Without these good relationships, our mental health can start to decline.

Struggling with loneliness and a lack of structure can create anxiety, problems with sleeping and will have a negative effect on your studying. You may find you start to retreat into yourself, spend a great deal of time in your own room and blame yourself for not coping. Some students find coming home for reading week can make feelings of homesickness worse.

It is really important to reach out to someone and talk about how you are feeling. Everyone at University is, like you, there for the first time and may well be struggling too – just doing a good job of covering it up. Being authentic and sharing how you truly feel will open doors for you. Talking to someone else will help you to process how you are feeling and give you coping strategies.

If you feel you need to speak to a professional for support, then reach out to someone to talk to. Visit the campus student services support team or make an appointment to see a GP.

How hypnotherapy can help with loneliness at university

It can be a very challenging time so if you are struggling and would like to talk to me, do please get in touch for an online appointment. One of the greatest illusions is that student life should be perfect and, for many it is not. Hypnotherapy will give you the tools to feel calmer, confident and re-set in order to get back on track.