In my Hypnotherapy and BWRT work, I often see clients who are dealing with loss and bereavement and this can sometimes be the cause of the issue they are suffering from.  With this thought in mind, I decided to train in Bereavement Support with Cruse Bereavement Care, the leading national charity for the bereaved.

When grief and loss come into our lives, it can feel completely overwhelming.  Dealing with our own feelings as well as the demands of the changed circumstances can take a huge toll.

Grief is a process that we go through and there is no ‘normal’ or ‘right way’ to grieve.  Everyone experiences bereavement differently.  You may feel disassociated from what is happening to you, operating on automatic pilot.  You may feel overwhelmed, or blank, or angry.  All reactions are normal, so whatever you feel, is right for you.

Grief uses up a huge amount of energy and is exhausting.  You may feel it is like a tidal wave sweeping you away, but you can find a way to ride this wave.  There are a number of ways to ease yourself through this.  Talking therapy and hypnosis can help with the emotional fallout and adjustment to life without that living presence.

There is no need to suppress emotions, but to manage them and lessen the rawness of the grief.  I will support and be with you on your journey as you work towards restoration in ways that are appropriate to you.

Queen Elizabeth II

“Grief is the price we pay for Love.”

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