Whether relationships are platonic or romantic, our emotions and past experiences can affect our relationships. Hypnotherapy can help with understanding why we feel and behave the way we do and support us to develop new ways of thinking.

One thing to be aware of is that we’re not always going to agree with one another and it is healthy to challenge each other and learn to see things from other people’s perspectives. However, when arguments become constant in a relationship, it might be time to step back and question things.

Creating a calm open dialogue can be a great place to start and can often resolve things. However, if you feel that the conflict is never resolved and repetitive patterns in your arguing are forming, then hypnotherapy may help.

Hypnotherapy for relationships

Hypnotherapy can help get to the root of your conflict. We can determine if there are any patterns of behaviour stored in your subconscious that are fuelling the conflict.

Hypnotherapy will help to encourage new ways of thinking, learn to cope with conflict and manage difficult emotions more easily.

If you are in a toxic relationship that is having a damaging effect on you, then hypnotherapy can help. A friend could be making you feel bad about yourself or your partner could be abusing you. When you are in these kinds of relationships, you are often being manipulated and lack of self-confidence means you find yourself not being able to walk away. Talking therapies such as hypnotherapy can really support you through this.

Hypnotherapy and moving on

Hypnotherapy can also help you to move on from a relationship. You can learn to reframe negative thoughts and behaviours and encourage yourself to see the break-up from a more positive perspective.

Getting hurt in a relationship is always a risk but if you have self-confidence and a sense of worth then it becomes a risk worth taking.

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