Weight loss with hypnotherapy is not a diet. It is a whole new permanent and mindful approach to eating and drinking.


My four-week weight loss programme includes a 60-minute online weekly session with me, where we discuss your mood, behaviour and lifestyle. I will support you using talking therapy, hypnotherapy, BWRT® and EFT techniques. Weekly audio recordings are also included.


With hypnotherapy, it is possible to see yourself the way you want to be now and, in the future, and this visualisation of what you want is a really powerful exercise for the brain. This is because mentally rehearsing a new desired behaviour helps to strengthen the neural pathways and this is then reinforced during the four-week programme.


We all know consciously what we should eat, it’s just that our sub-conscious mind seems to have other ideas! So, if you want to have a healthy relationship with food and drink for years to come, do book your place on the four-week programme. This encompassing and proven protocol will help you to learn to re-programme your brain with a measured and mindful response.

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