When we are feeling confident, we believe in ourselves and accept who we are. When we don’t feel confident this can manifest itself in feelings of anxiety, stress and unhappiness.

Many of us have suffered from low self-confidence at some point in our lives and we can often fear how other people see us. This can really affect our confidence and hold us back from developing personally and also in our professional roles.

What affects confidence?

Past experiences can have both a positive and negative affect on our confidence. How we see ourselves can be influenced by friends, family, work colleagues, and sometimes the media or social media.

Having confidence can affect two main areas in your lives - your career and your relationships. Building confidence at work can help you reach your full potential and ensure your voice is heard. Improving your self-confidence can make you feel more comfortable around family, friends and partners and in social environments.

If you feel you need help with building your confidence, then hypnotherapy can really help.

Hypnotherapy for confidence

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to make a positive change in building your confidence.

If you have suffered from low self-confidence in the past, you will understand that no matter how positive someone talks about you, you don’t believe them. This is because your subconscious mind has a set of beliefs about you that stay the same regardless of external factors.

The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is that it accesses your subconscious mind to facilitate positive change, to help improve your confidence levels, help you take back control, and to feel better.

Our inner critic can often be our biggest critics causing us to feel bad about ourselves. But hypnotherapy can help to overcome these negative thoughts, no matter how deeply embedded they may seem.

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The number of hypnotherapy sessions you will need really depends on your individual circumstances but we can discuss this in your first session. I have helped many individuals suffering from low self-confidence such as improving confidence to perform in an interview and standing up and being heard by colleagues in the workplace.

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