LSH blog - grief for someone you didn't know

Grief For A Famous Person

I am often struck by how we can feel deeply sad when someone famous, a celebrity, whom we don’t know personally, dies. This is because, ...
LSH blog - friends

Friends beyond the mask

What makes a good friend? Do you feel you have good friends? Are you a good friend to others? Do you have enough good friends ...
LSH blog - death of a parent

When your parent dies

The death of a parent My mother’s death ten years ago turned my world upside down.  Nothing could have prepared me for it and everything ...
anticipatory grief blog image

What is anticipatory grief?

Anticipatory grief is the grief that happens before someone dies.  Most people are familiar with grief after a death, but with a terminal diagnosis, both ...

The Power Of Human Connection

Human beings are one of the most social species.  Human connection is essential for our health and well-being. With the busy pace of our ‘social ...
LSH blog - coping with bereavement

Breathe Life Into Death

With the arrival of COVID-19, we are all thinking a great deal more about life and death.  We are bombarded on a daily basis with ...

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