Think Better
Feel Better
Live Better

Think Better
Feel Better
Live Better

Think Better
Feel Better
Live Better

Think Better
Feel Better
Live Better

Think Better
Feel Better
Live Better

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We all experience worries, anxieties, fears and phobias, but occasionally these can become very challenging and we need some help along the way. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective way of addressing these permanently.

Think Better, Feel Better, Live Better.


Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy that uses hypnosis to make positive changes in order to improve well-being.

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not a diet. It is a whole new permanent and mindful approach to eating and drinking.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is just a habit, so with hypnotherapy, it is much easier than we may think to stop smoking for good!

Bereavement Support

Grief is a process that we go through and there is no ‘normal’ or ‘right way’ to grieve. Everyone experiences bereavement differently. 

About Lizzie

Lizzie is a clinical hypnotherapist and hypnoanalyst. She is a member of the Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (APHP) and the National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (NRPC). She works from her own treatment room in Windsor, Berkshire, and also offers online hypnotherapy sessions.

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Is Hypnotherapy for you?

Arrange a call with me and we can discuss further.

I needed some help as I have been going through some anxieties regarding my family and social life. I had feelings of jealousy and insecurity about a recent relationship. Lizzie was recommended to me and after an initial chat, she suggested that hypnotherapy may help calm my levels of anxiety. I have never had hypnotherapy before but Lizzie explained everything and as I wanted to overcome my anxieties I agreed to go ahead. The online session was incredibly relaxing and calming and by the end of the session, I felt really relaxed and more positive about my situation. Thank you very much Lizzie for all your help.



I was recommended Lizzie by a friend as I wanted help with a long-standing habit of picking at my skin that was causing me a lot of anxiety and affecting my confidence. Lizzie helped me to understand why I had developed this habit and used a hypnosis technique called suggestion to help me realise that it had no benefit to me. As well as this, Lizzie gave me advice about my sleep, something I also struggle with. My two online sessions with Lizzie have worked wonders in giving me the knowledge and assurance that this habit serves me no purpose. My confidence grows by the day as my skin heals and I feel better in myself. Thank you!



I visited Lizzie last year to help with weight management and deal with my obsession with snacking. She was very thorough in learning about my history and suggested I undergo some hypnotherapy. The sessions were incredibly effective and made a significant and positive change to my eating habits. She has the ability to put you at ease and a voice which is perfect for hypnotherapy. At no time did I feel out of control or 'manipulated' which I know is a fear for some people regarding this type of therapy. I would strongly recommend Lizzie and hypnotherapy.



Lizzie Smith has helped me and my family cope with grief and the barrage of thoughts and feelings that come with it. She is very easy to talk to and I found her manner wise and comforting. She also does virtual appointments so can still offer the support so many of us need right now. I swear she’s an angel.



My 10 year old daughter has been seeing Lizzie for hypnotherapy sessions to help with her anxiety. Lizzie is highly skilled and has a wonderful way of calming my daughter down, reassuring her and giving her the tools she needs to reduce her anxiety in everyday life. Sleep has improved, she is happier and more content. I can highly recommend Lizzie as a therapist for children struggling with anxiety.



Having been a regular client of Lizzie’s for reflexology, I was interested by her decision to train to become a hypnotherapist. I had only been hypnotised once before and so was both intrigued and somewhat nervous at the prospect. Lizzie’s manner is very reassuring and she explained the process and allayed any worries. The treatment was very calming and I felt totally comfortable throughout the session and emerged able to resist the siren call of the shops!



Hypnotherapy was completely new to me before I started a course of
treatment with Lizzie Smith. A good friend advised me about the merits of
hypnotherapy and so I decided to give it a try. I have been delighted with
the progress I have made. Lizzie has been able to help me to “connect” with
the source of my problem and, as a result, to alleviate a lot of the stress
and anxiety I was feeling.



I was unsure and really quite apprehensive about trying hypnotherapy.
Lizzie put me completely at ease, she was so welcoming and professional
without being at all intimidating. I had been feeling stressed from work
and had difficulty sleeping. After just one session I felt totally relaxed,
re charged and had the best night's sleep in ages! I cannot recommend
Lizzie highly enough and I am very much looking forward to my next session
with her.



Lizzie is extraordinarily self-aware, with a calming serenity that enables people to feel safe and contained when in her presence. These qualities are invaluable. Her intelligence and insight have encouraged her to become a Hypnotherapist, where her empathy and compassion can be used to support and help other people.



In the months leading up to my A Levels, I started to notice that I was getting more and more agitated at small things, and struggling to sleep. It would take me an hour to get to sleep and then I would wake at least three times during the night. Although I didn’t consciously think it was directly related to exam stress, it is quite clear now that it was. I decided to see Lizzie for hypnotherapy for anxiety. I would always walk away feeling the calmest I have ever felt after a session and taking some time out just for me without feeling guilty, had such a positive effect. Lizzie kindly produced a recording for me, which I listened to every night for a few months and I would be asleep within 10 minutes…it worked wonders. I don’t know what I would have done without her help, so thank you very much Lizzie. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone who may be suffering with stress, anxiety or insomnia.



I had lost a significant amount of weight over the last couple of years. I did put on around 7kg during Covid. I like to call it my corona curves! I needed some help to refocus my mind and get me back on track. I know I can do it but just hadn’t got there with the motivation. Lizzie’s hypnotherapy sessions and support with Audio recordings and written information were just the thing I needed to kickstart the process. I lost 8lbs during the 4 weeks and am absolutely focused on achieving my goal to get back to my pre corona weight. Thank you so much, Lizzie. I intend to have a once month top-up to help with maintenance. Would absolutely recommend it.



I have been dieting my whole life. I understand what a healthy diet is and what I need to do but have always struggled to stay on track and reach my goals. Lizzie’s weight loss programme has taught me to listen to my body, have a far more healthy relationship with food, and be mindful of when I eat and how much I need. I have never had hypnotherapy before and apart from being a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, it has allowed me to focus very specifically on overcoming the obstacles that are specific to me and my weight loss journey. I have lost 10lbs in 4 weeks and it hasn’t felt like I have deprived myself of anything. I feel really in control and extremely positive and hopeful that I can continue to lose weight now and reach my personal weight loss goal. Thank you Lizzie for all your support and guidance and for allowing me to believe in myself.



Having spent only one month on the programme I have benefitted so much more with not only gradual weight loss but also: - am more conscious of eliminating snacking; - eating when hungry rather than by habit; - water intake has increased dramatically, my hydration levels have always been extremely low; - was walking occasionally and am now walking at least 5/6 times per week and enjoying it. The recordings encourage me to walk further. -The Hypno sessions, the recordings, the breathing exercises have all had a real impact on my well-being. I am now taking time for ME and recognising that I deserve this time. Would highly recommend Lizzie, she has shown me a way and given me the tools to achieve not only weight loss but so much more. Thank you, Lizzie.



I've been really delighted with how successful my experience has been on the Lizzie Smith Weight Loss Programme. I have lost a significant amount of weight in the four weeks since we started and I feel I can now go on to achieve my target weight. I have grown mindful of my 'relationship' with food and realised quite early on how I was 'feeding' those moments when I was stressed, or bored, or sad. Through Lizzie’s guidance, I chose not to feed these cravings but, at the same time, I did not deny myself any food. I just chose to eat a lot less of those things that I would have previously scoffed without thinking about it. Lizzie has helped me each step of the way, through our weekly hypnotherapy sessions and with the audio recordings to listen to at night and when I'm out on a walk. I cannot recommend Lizzie highly enough and I am looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey with confidence.



Thanks to this weight loss programme I know have a much healthier attitude towards food. Not only do I aspire to eat healthier on a day to day basis, but this programme has also helped with negative emotions towards food. I now don’t guilt myself when I have something “unhealthy” and try to compensate, but instead, realise that everything is ok in moderation. The programme has also helped me understand my triggers for emotional eating and how to cope with them (through different therapies). It’s led to me feeling more body confident and I now don’t need to try fad diets or crazy exercise regimes, as I can manage my diet in a healthy and balanced way.



I've lost a stone in one month and I am so happy! I don't eat chocolate anymore, I don't even want it. My snacking has stopped, I feel calm and level headed as a result and I know my eating habits are so much better thanks to the hypnotherapy with Lizzie. I would really recommend the course. I feel back in control and on track now with my weight loss. 



I had a session with Lizzie to stop smoking and honestly could not recommend it enough. I have been smoking for about 8 years and have wanted to give up for a while but since the lockdown, I have found it really difficult and have been smoking a lot more than normal. Since my session with Lizzie, I have not had a single craving, It is so hard to explain but I am not interested in smoking whatsoever! Lizzie is so professional and made me feel completely at ease. I only wish I had done this hypnotherapy sooner.


London (25 years old)

I was recommended to Lizzie through a friend. Although I am an extremely confident and outgoing individual, a few events led to my anxiety and overthinking consuming every aspect of my life. I was extremely apprehensive before starting, especially with the session being online, but Lizzie put me at ease straight away through her calm and warming approach. The sessions have worked wonders for me and I couldn't recommend Lizzie enough!


Bath (age 22)

Working with Lizzie really changed my perspective on how to control my eating. It was simple and easy to gain back control. Lizzie provides a clear and honest approach to achieving your goals. The online sessions are great and you come out of them feeling relaxed and prepared. 



After suffering silently for years with emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and experiencing heightened anxiety since the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to speak to Lizzie online following a friend's recommendation. Lizzie's approach was calm and sympathetic, and after taking the time to understand exactly how I was feeling, she suggested that we tried BWRT. The therapy has helped me immensely and I can't thank Lizzie enough for her help in alleviating my anxiety.


Bath (age 23)

I have had a phobia regarding dogs all of my life. Any large dog, especially those perceived to be 'dangerous or scary', have always made me feel really anxious. I came to see Lizzie after a recommendation and after a one hour session with BWRT, the change was transformational. After seeing Lizzie, I immediately felt much more comfortable around dogs. Thanks so much Lizzie.