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Playing golf well involves a lot more than having a good golf swing. The “mental game” is key. Research has shown that when you imagine yourself playing a fantastic shot, it has an effect on your actual ability. Achieving a peak performance on the golf course comes from linking the mind and body and this vital connection provides the important infrastructure to golfing potential.

Very often we attempt to correct issues to do with the actual mechanics of golf, namely the position of the club, without addressing what is causing the problem. There is a cognitive process that leads to every movement we make. The brain affects the physical body which then impacts the club, which goes on to impact the ball.

So what is the answer?

I work with golfers and without exception they all agree that pressure and overthinking affects their game. We are all aware of our own negative “inner critic” that can create havoc with confidence. So how to champion your “inner coach” and get into a “flow” state to counter this? Both the “inner coach” and “inner critic” have an important role to play, however the key is balance and creating a power team you can rely on.

Hypnotherapy can help you to quieten the mind and to focus on the present moment – better able to manage your thoughts. When we are mentally relaxed, we become more physically relaxed. Muscles feel fluid and we feel self-confident, empowered and able to maintain this “flow” state, even under pressure.

I can help you with focus, concentration, visualisation, staying positive and becoming detached from possible distractions or external conditions. You will learn techniques to keep your energy high and feel at one with your own mind-body connection.

Do get in touch for an online session with me and experience how hypnotherapy can help you to improve your health, happiness and even your sporting ability.

Hypnotherapy and golf