How To Stop A Learned Behaviour Or Habit

We all have habits.  Habits are learned behaviours that we repeat and which then become an automatic routine.  These behaviours can often make us feel good or rewarded at the time, which explains why they can then be ‘consciously’ very hard to stop.

How many of us decide on New Year’s Eve to give up a behaviour or ‘habit’ that we consciously know is not a good one, only to discover that, even with good intention and motivation, it becomes hard to sustain in the long term?  How many of us talk about that extra stone of weight we must shift but after a week or so, go back to our old eating habits?

How to break a learned behaviour or habit

Developing conscious motivation for lasting change involves a strong commitment and can be underestimated.  This is where hypnotherapy can help you because we work with the subconscious and affect the lasting change the client desires for themselves. It’s not just about stopping the bad habit, it’s also about taking back control and improving your own health and well-being too.

With certain behaviours, it is important to understand why it is so challenging to just stop.  Take sugary foods such as chocolate, for example.  When we eat sugar our body sends a signal to the brain that tells it to repeat this action because, as well as tasting good,  it also sees the sugar as vital for our survival.  Trigger, behaviour, reward!  And when this process is repeated over and over it becomes a habit.

Now, we know ‘consciously’ that certain behaviours are not good for our health or our well-being (what are you thinking about right now?) and we try hard to suppress the urge and to change our behaviour.  We often talk about it: “I’m going to have a really healthy week.”  “I’m not going to sit at my desk for 8 hours straight today.”  “I’m not going to drink wine as soon as I get home this evening.”  However, stress, anxiety and unforeseen circumstances can all affect our good intentions for lasting change and we fall back into those old habits again because they are a comfort and make us feel “momentarily” better.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

It is important to be clear in your mind about what you want to achieve.  Identify existing negative behaviours that cause you stress. By understanding and being aware of the triggers it is possible to think about alternative strategies.  Hypnotherapy can help you to do this by shifting your focus to embrace new, better habits; ones that will enhance your life by looking at the bigger picture.

In hypnosis, it is possible to see ourselves the way we want to be and for this to be re-inforced by positive suggestion.  Mentally rehearsing a new desired behaviour will help strengthen the neural pathway and focus on the newly learned behaviours and not the old.  Long-lasting habit change through hypnotherapy helps to build emotional resilience and achieve optimal well-being.

So, does this work for all habits?  Yes, it does.  When we become disenchanted with unwanted behaviour, we naturally let it go…feel good…and then repeat!

If any of this resonates with you, do please see the support I offer and take that step to transform your life for the better.

LS Hypnotherapy - learned behaviours

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