Picky Eaters:  It’s not for life…

A recent study in the journal Pediatrics has found that children who are picky eaters may never grow out of it.  The study involved 317 mothers and their children over a four-year period,  they discovered that by the age of four picky eating is established and the more parents try to vary the diets of their children, the fussier they become.

I have experience with a picky eater and an adventurous eater!  I didn’t do anything different the second time around but some children are naturally more cautious whereas others will pretty much eat anything and can develop a sophisticated palate at an early age.  My picky eater is now thirty and has become less fussy over the years, so it has certainly improved since she was four.  She still loves pasta and cheese though!

Picky eaters in later life

However, for some, picky eating can become a real issue in later life that can cause panic, anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness.  I’m not talking about eating disorders or food allergies but just not being able to eat certain foods due to an extreme fear of what will happen.  I have worked with young adults who can’t eat certain foods and even the sight or smell of it cooking can bring on a panic attack or make them physically sick. I have worked with teenagers who can only eat certain child-favourite foods such as chicken nuggets.  In every case, they have wanted to be able to eat like everyone else around them and to be able to enjoy a varied diet, trying new foods, without feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and nauseous.

This fear stops them from socialising with friends and work colleagues and makes them feel embarrassed and different.  Imagine always having to make an excuse to not go out for a meal.

Sometimes there is a trauma overeating or an illness in the past which has stayed in the subconscious and can be at the root cause of this extreme reaction to certain foods.  The reason this happens is that every experience we have is filtered in our brains and is matched with an “appropriate” reaction.  This pattern matching is actually keeping us safe even though it may not be what we want!  If you have been unwell after eating a specific food, your brain will fire up the fear reaction to stop you from eating it again.  However, not all of these picky eaters have had a trauma and come from families where their siblings and parents eat everything.  They have no idea where or why this problem started and they don’t want it!

How can BWRT® help?

I use a therapy called BWRT®, which stands for Brainworking Recursive Therapy®.  BWRT® is a profound therapeutic intervention and more effective and successful than anything that has existed to date in the treatment of fears. It can dissolve problems almost instantaneously.  It doesn’t involve hypnosis and is, in fact, a very logical and practical therapy. It is not necessary to know where the fear started, or why, the client just wants it to stop, so that’s what we do…just stop it in its tracks.  It works for adults, teenagers, and children.  With picky eaters, the results are astounding, immediate, and life-changing.

So, if any of this resonates with you or someone you know, please do see the support I offer.  You can do something about it and enjoy the culinary delights that have, until now, eluded you!  Your only limit is your mind.

Picky Eaters - William Cowper quote