Learn To Listen Without A Filter

How often do we really stand in someone else’s shoes? How often do we really listen to what is being said, without bias, to perhaps a different view to our own and respect and accept it?  If we did then, I believe, we would probably see and react to things very differently.

Last week, I read an interesting article in ‘Psychologies’ by Oliver Burkeman, which feels very relevant.  It talks about how tough it is these days to have a political conversation.  That is true, but I think it has also become harder to talk about almost any subject without it, potentially, creating a conflict.

As Burkeman writes, human beings can form very strong opinions. Social media has given us a voice and you can pretty much get confirmation of “your view” from a variety of sources, some true and some false.

Someone else is always to blame and “It’s as if we’re all viewing the world through different coloured glasses – pink, green blue – but because yours are purple, you’re sure the world really is purple; you’re reasonable and everyone else is wrong.”

This attitude can cause conflict and then have a devastating effect on friendships and families.  We don’t have to agree but, by listening without a filter, we develop empathy, and then we are in a better position to understand why someone has come to that particular viewpoint, which may differ from our own.

Listen to others

Fear is usually what lies behind our beliefs.  These fears and subsequent behaviours are all learned, we are not born with them.  You can still disagree, but remember that we were all innocent toddlers once, before we learned to see the world as purple!

With hypnotherapy, it is possible to understand how our fears and past experiences have shaped us and our opinions.  This then frees us.  We become more aware and able to listen to others without a filter and with compassion.

Being able to be to feel listened to and happy is what we all strive for.  When we feel supported, anxiety lessens, confidence grows and we find inner peace and happiness.

LSH quote - Do not listen with the intent to reply.

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