LSH blog - imposter syndrome

I think many of us will identify with that feeling of “winging it” and the fear of being found out to be not as competent as others believe we are! It is often due to feeling unworthy and can be re-enforced by events from our past.

70% of people will experience imposter syndrome in their lives.

Feeling like a fraud and attributing success to external factors and luck. This can lead to constant anxiety because, even if you are doing well, it will not change those core beliefs you have about yourself. People with imposter syndrome are unable to realistically rate their own competence and skills. It is often linked to perfectionism and is exhausting for those who suffer with it as they are constantly rehearsing and preparing – often sabotaging their own success due to fear that they cannot live up to expectations.

We are programmed to think negatively, so we do tend to underestimate our own capabilities and think about all the things that could go wrong. We also do compare ourselves to others and can therefore feel that everyone else is far more likely to be better qualified and capable. That inner critic is the voice that pipes up with the self-doubt. If you received early feedback in life that you were not good socially or in performance situations and that your opinions didn’t matter, then your core beliefs are so strong that they cannot change, even with evidence to the contrary.

We tend to look at life through a filter system, which is re-enforced by past experiences. This can keep us trapped by long-held beliefs about ourselves.

Dealing with imposter syndrome – therapies that help

This is where the therapies I use can effect real change for the better. Hypnotherapy can help you to re-set and quieten that inner critic, create a new script and start believing in yourself. BWRT® will stop any fear or negative beliefs in its tracks, enabling you to feel empowered, confident and up for any challenge!

So if you would like to start dealing with imposter syndrome, banish it for good, support yourself and realise your limitless potential, then do get in touch and we can set up an online appointment for you.