LSH blog - hypnotherapy and the menopause

Menopause is a transition that women go through and can start between the ages of 40 and 58 years, with 51 being the average age. I work with a number of clients going through the menopause to help them to manage their symptoms and make those lifestyle changes using hypnotherapy.

Menopause starts when the menstrual cycle finishes and perimenopause is the transitional time before the menopause actually begins, but when symptoms can start. Oestrogen and progesterone levels begin to fall and menstruation becomes irregular. Post-menopause refers to the years after the menopause.

Symptoms of the Menopause

The symptoms associated with the menopause range from hot flushes, night sweats, disrupted sleep, anxious thoughts, mood swings, weight gain and loss of libido.  It can all last for several years, during the three stages, which can feel very overwhelming.

It will not surprise you to learn that depression, anxiety and low mood are common during menopause.  In the lead up to menopause, two-thirds of women may also have difficulty concentrating and with memory.  So, if you are struggling, the key is to get some help! Talking to your GP or a trained professional for support is a good start.  Incorporating hypnotherapy will help you to manage symptoms.

For some, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) will balance the body’s hormone levels. Lifestyle changes will also help – getting regular exercise, having a healthy diet, cutting down on alcohol and keeping mentally active. Hypnotherapy will work alongside whatever approach is right for you.

For many, this time can coincide with other changes in life to do with work, relationships, children leaving home and bereavement.  I can help you to adapt to the significant impact these other factors may be causing.

Hypnotherapy and the menopause

As I said earlier, menopause is a natural transition. I work with clients to help them to manage their symptoms and make those lifestyle changes using hypnotherapy.  This approach enables them to see it as a time of liberation and a new and exciting chapter in their lives!

Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool and uses visualisation and a focus on cooling imagery while you are relaxing.  This will enable you to reconnect with your body and regain control. Seeing yourself how you want to be as you make this transition will create a positive shift in your subconscious.  It is also extremely relaxing and enjoyable, and you will feel the restorative effects immediately.

So if you are struggling with menopause symptoms, do get in touch with me for an online appointment and give hypnotherapy a try – you won’t look back!

“Hypnosis has been shown to reduce hot flushes and night sweats by up to 74%, showing it to be as effective as HRT in managing these symptoms.”  Psychology Today.