LSH blog - what is my purpose?

At the end of a year, our thoughts tend to turn towards new beginnings in January and those New Year’s Resolutions.  Giving up something, or perhaps taking up a new interest instead that is fulfilling and gives us a sense of meaning?

In the first session I have with a new client I always ask the question “If I could make one change in your life, and wave a magic wand, what would it be?” The answers are often very surprising and attainable, but there is a block in the way of making it happen.

What would your answer to that question be? 

So many of us have a “rusty” bucket list of things we would love to do but don’t feel we can. What is holding you back from re-training, learning to play an instrument, learning a new language, joining a writing group, taking up a sport or art classes?

Lizzie Smith playing the guitar

Discovering what fulfils you, what you value, and what you would like to achieve can help personal growth and ultimately, happiness.

Some years ago, I decided to change direction and train in holistic therapies. It was something that interested me but I had no idea where it would lead and I certainly didn’t anticipate I would become a hypnotherapist.

Are you wondering what your purpose is in life? Would you like to make some changes? If you met an older version of yourself, what advice do you think they would share with you?

How Hypnotherapy can help:

New Year is a time to take stock but how do we find clarity, become energised, and make those positive changes?  Finding meaning in your life can be so liberating but fear and anxiety are what tend to hold us back. A lack of self-belief can create a barrier, so we procrastinate and it doesn’t happen. Hypnotherapy can help you to release those blocks, stop being afraid, and be authentic to your true self.

So, if something is stopping you from finding that inner rock star, then do get in touch and book in for an online appointment. Hypnotherapy can help you to live your life in a meaningful way to you.

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