Lizzie Smith Hypnotherapy - what brings you joy

Joy is the emotion evoked by well-being, great delight or happiness. I was recently watching the excellent Netflix production of Sex Education (series 3) in which Jean Milburn in her role as a therapist asks a clientwhat brings you joy?

It certainly got me thinking, and it is a really powerful question. In this episode, the client, who is struggling with the loss of his job and his marriage, is taken back to a joyful episode in his past – watching his mother make an apple pie and being given a piece of apple to eat. A simple memory but one that was all the more poignant because he grew up with a bullying father and brother. It inspires him to bake an apple pie and in doing so he discovers that cooking gives him a connection to feeling joyful again.

There are huge benefits when we identify what brings us joy. We feel elated and “alive” and this can have a really positive effect on our general health and well-being.

Human beings spend a great deal of time with their minds racing with fear and uncertainty. When we worry, we are in a cycle of “what if”.

One of our greatest freedoms is challenging how we react to things and questioning what “truth” we have attached to an event – what have we made it mean?

Life can be difficult, but how we respond with our thoughts and actions can make a huge difference to how we ultimately feel and move on. Hypnotherapy can help you to reduce the confusion, calm emotions, focus on managing your feelings and making realistic goals for yourself.

How can hypnotherapy help you feel joy?

During hypnosis, it becomes possible to visualise yourself the way you wantto be and feel. This strengthens the brain’s neural pathways and creates optimism and resilience. So when we focus on what brings us joy, it becomes possible to achieve it. Listening less to our fears and more to what brings us a sense of happiness creates a positive shift in our subconscious, and we can then release those limiting self-beliefs and fears.

So I would encourage you to think about what makes you feel the emotion of joy, and notice the restorative effect that it brings!

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