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A double fault doesn’t have to be forever…

When you are 18 years old and the youngest British woman to reach the second week of Wimbledon, the pressure is on. The weight of expectation is extraordinary. We all know that feeling tense and nervous can affect performance, but for Emma Raducanu, she handled this superbly with poise and a maturity beyond her 18 years. It was, therefore, very sad to watch her clearly struggling and then having to withdraw from the fourth-round match of her first Wimbledon due to “breathing problems.”

There has been much unhelpful speculation about what happened but whether she was suffering mentally, physically, or a combination of the two, the mind/body connection should never be underestimated. It is key in any sport. Playing in front of huge crowds is intimidating and then having to give a post match interview on court, whether you’ve won or lost, is something most of us would rather not do!

Tennis and Hypnotherapy

I work with golfers, tennis players and cricketers helping them to enhance their mindset with focus, motivation and mental strength. Achieving peak performance whether it’s on the golf course or the tennis court comes from linking the mind and body. This enables the player to gain a new level of confidence, self belief and control nerves.

I also use a therapy called BWRT® (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) and is particularly effective for fear or a bad memory which may be impacting a player’s game.  It solves problems instantly and for good. So if you have a “nemesis” hole in golf, or were out first ball in cricket, it will stop that fear that it will happen again in its tracks!

This year’s Wimbledon ended abruptly for Emma, however, she will re-group with good support and be back playing again very soon.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to achieve that “flow” state in your sport, then do get in touch for an online appointment with me.

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