Lizzie Smith Hypnotherapy - procrastination

Most of us are familiar with putting off a task until tomorrow, otherwise known as procrastination. We may be great at reacting and planning to do something, full of ideas and enthusiasm, but when it comes to it we never actually start the project, let alone stick to it!

Why? Are procrastinators lazy? Do they have time management problems? What is behind doing something against our better judgement? We know we are avoiding a task and it’s a bad idea – but we continue to do it anyway. It doesn’t seem to make sense to deliberately do something we know will have negative consequences.

Procrastination is essentially an irrational behaviour. It is a way of coping with challenging emotions like fear, anxiety, insecurity and self-doubt. The relief we get from putting something off “rewards” us for procrastinating – so we then repeat it and it becomes a learned behaviour and a chronic habit.

Ironically, the relief is momentary, because procrastinating doesn’t make you feel better, you end up feeling worse and guilty.

Obviously, the nature of the procrastination can depend on the task. The thought of cleaning out the understairs cupboard is something many of us tend to avoid! However, procrastinators can find themselves avoiding something that could potentially give them great joy, due to feelings of insecurity or low self-esteem. They can have perfectionist tendencies when it comes to the expectations they place on themselves, which then creates more pressure.

If you’re staring at a blank computer screen trying to write a blog on procrastination, it is easier to go and make a cup of tea! Why would anyone read what I have got to say about this?! We all do it! So what can help us turn this around?

Hypnotherapy and Procrastination 

Hypnotherapy is well known for helping to stop irrational habits and control fear of failing. It is a powerful therapy for personal development, because it works with the subconscious mind, where all those learned behaviours are! It will help you to find clarity and release the blocks that cause procrastination. With hypnotherapy it is possible to reframe the task by considering the positive effects and benefits it will bring and how that will impact you.

Anyone can be hypnotised. The important thing is to want to make positive change for the better. It is a restorative and relaxing therapy and the added bonus is you will suddenly find yourself clearing out those cupboards after all!

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