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Today I would like to talk about mindful walking and the weather. Does your mood sink when the clouds gather and the rain starts? I think all of us are, in some ways, affected by the weather, and in the UK it does seem to be a regular topic of conversation. It’s either too hot, too wet, too windy or too cold.

As I set off on my walk today, there was a toddler holding onto his grandmother’s hand and splashing around in a huge puddle. They were laughing together and it made me smile…and reflect. I remember having a bright red plastic mac when I was little that matched my wellingtons and I loved going out wearing this ensemble with my plastic see-through umbrella! When do we stop enjoying jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain? What causes these negative reactions to a wet day? Rain does not constitute bad weather, for many, it’s good weather…we need rain desperately and where would we be without water, yet so many of us moan when the heavens open.

If you have a dog then you have to go out in all types of weather and I find wearing appropriate clothing is key. I always wear a hat or cap to stop my hair frizzing, I still have a red waterproof and walking boots. I have learnt to enjoy the rain and when you have the right kit on it is possible to immerse yourself in the sights and smells that rainfall creates. Everything looks different, the lights, the colours, the shapes and the sounds. It’s always quieter, fewer people are outside, so I see it as an opportunity to practice mindful walking, take some time to be present, breathe, release thoughts, observe and reflect. There is also the knowledge of coming home, into the warm, to a hot cup of tea that makes walking in the rain satisfying and exhilarating. Being outside is so good for our mental well-being and we can feel uplifted and more positive afterwards.

Weather is unpredictable and you can’t control the rain, but you can learn to embrace it and take that acceptance into other areas of your life. When you can shift your perspective and take the opportunity to turn something potentially negative into a positive, there are endless possibilities.

How mindful walking can help

I urge my hypnotherapy clients to try “mindful walking” and they now enjoy the positive effects that this brings. It’s about focussing on being present in your surroundings, despite the conditions or whatever you are currently going through in your life. Mindful walking can really help with perspective and mental health as well as boosting immunity.

Rainfall brings so much that is good, so next time the rain clouds gather, I would urge you to dig out that mac, hat, and boots, practice mindful walking, and even take the opportunity to jump in a few puddles!

If you are struggling with low mood and anxiety due to the current pandemic and need support, do please get in touch via my website for an on-line hypnotherapy appointment.

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