Lizzie Smith Hypnotherapy - men and anxiety

I have noticed a huge rise in the number of young professionals I am now seeing who are struggling with anxiety. Covid has certainly exacerbated this. The interesting thing is they are all young women. Why is this? I do not believe that the increase in anxiety is just among the female population, so where are the men? What about men and anxiety?

I wrote a blog last year exploring why there is still a general reluctance from men to be proactive when it comes to their mental health. Interestingly, it is most often their female partners who make the initial contact with me.

Sometimes upbringing and social norms are part of why men refrain from certain emotions and find it hard to express and address their feelings. The world of psychotherapy is not a place that the majority of men feel comfortable in seeking help. According to Professor Levant of the American Psychological Association: “basically psychotherapy was originally created by men to treat women” and, sadly, this still seems relevant more than a century later.

A man’s mental health and his conception of manhood are closely interlinked. Men tend to delay until a crisis point before reaching out for help.

The statistics are alarming, with men being 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than women.

Common issues are PTSD, anger, anxiety, sleep issues, bereavement, lack of motivation, and relationship problems. Men tend to suffer in silence. They don’t communicate their feelings with friends as freely as women and can view enrolling in therapy as a sign of weakness.

How can hypnotherapy help men and anxiety?

Hypnotherapy can help men and their mental health by releasing limiting beliefs and helping them to step away from feeling emotionally overloaded. It is quick, powerfully transformative and ideal for the reluctant communicator in so many ways. Once you explain how you feel, I will be doing the talking to your subconscious mind, you only have to listen!

So, a call to action to all men (and their partners) out there. Please don’t brush it off or procrastinate if you are struggling. I want you to get in touch for an online appointment, so now is the time to reach out and talk to a professional who can support you.