When I hypnotise a client, one of the first things I focus on is the fact that they are taking some time out for themselves – I say “This is your time.”  This opportunity creates a space for relaxation and re-setting.

How many of us actually prioritise our time, so that we can support ourselves in this way?

Time is used as an obstacle and an excuse and we tend to be so busy with other things – family, friends and work that we very often neglect self-care and our own physical and mental health. We can find ourselves struggling and running around on an empty tank! If we fill the tank, then we will have more energy and can better help and support others.

Very often we think about time as linear – with a start, a middle and an end. It is much more than that. We don’t know it all by a certain age – we are constantly evolving and learning to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Making time through hypnotherapy enables you to let go of events that have held you back,  face fears, identify goals and feel empowered. In time you will find your own voice and begin to live your life to the full.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Often after just one session of hypnotherapy, clients are astounded by how much better they feel. The opportunity to talk through an issue, and then relax during hypnosis is so calming and therapeutic that they then check-in regularly to support and nurture themselves. The time invested in a session will enable you to tap into inner stillness and feel replenished.

There doesn’t have to be something wrong, a fear or bad habit for you to enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy.  Why not take action and prioritise your time by investing in yourself.  See it as a “massage” for your brain!

You will bloom if you take time out to water yourself!

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