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Children are like sponges; they pick up on everything.  It can, therefore, be difficult to accept that, despite your best intentions, you might be transferring your own anxiety on to your child.  There is evidence to suggest that the children of anxious parents are more likely to exhibit these traits themselves and it is a mixture of genetics and learned behaviour.

When we are born, we are, in effect, like mobile phones with no data.  We learn through experience to be fearful.  Some of it will be through our own making, but a lot of it is by learning from the people closest to us, our parents.  If one or both of our parents is displaying signs of anxiety or panic, then chances are that the child is picking up on it.  In time the child becomes fearful and the parent then endorses this reaction, very often without realising that they are the source.

Hypnotherapy for parents

It can be very challenging to communicate a sense of calm to our children when we are struggling with anxiety or fear and it’s not easy to stop these feelings.  Hypnotherapy can help you to address them and be in a better place to then help your children manage their worries.  Learning stress tolerance in order to appear calm and relaxed will help and these strategies can be practised with your child.

It’s also important to be authentic with children.  To explain when you are stressed and how you reacted to it.  Engaging in conversations like this enables children to begin to process that it’s ok to feel stress and anxiety, especially when it can be managed.  Giving subtle messages to your children about it being ok to feel stress, or a bit anxious in certain situations is a positive step. Making a plan for these and talking it through helps children to feel back in control.

Talking to a professional to get help for yourself and your child is key. I work with children and parents to develop new measured responses to stress and anxiety.  It is a relaxing and calming way to effect positive change and ultimately, to feel better.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to book in for an online appointment for your child or yourself, please do get in touch.

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