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“I realise why we are here” whispered the boy.

“For cake?” asked the mole.

“To love”, said the boy.  “And be loved”, said the horse.

This passage is from The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, by Charlie Mackesy, and I think it is particularly relevant as we approach Valentine’s Day to think about love in its wider context.

To love and be loved is all any of us really wish for.

The focus on Valentine’s Day is on romantic love, and “being in love” is a wonderful thing. However, there are many types of love and perhaps the greatest romantic gesture we can all make is to love ourselves more, by being kind and listening, and responding to our inner voice.

As Charlie Mackesy says in his beautiful text, “love doesn’t need you to be extraordinary” it just needs you to be authentic to your true self.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy has a healing and restorative effect. It will help you to understand how fears and past experiences have shaped you and your subsequent behaviour. It can also help you with self-esteem, confidence, anxiety, and importantly to develop self-love.

Feeling better within ourselves helps us to move forward positively in the way we connect with others, be it a romantic partnership, work, friendship, or a family relationship.

So why not use this time in February to invest some time in yourself. Hypnotherapy can help you to grow, be authentic and, ultimately, be happier.

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