LSH blog - lockdown cravings

We’re in lockdown and it’s that time of day when the lockdown cravings appear. It’s 5 pm, or to be honest, now, any time in the afternoon when we need that little lift and, for us, our go-to craving has been cheese puffs.  Nothing sophisticated and not even a well-known brand, but these crunchy orange coloured corn snacks are just the ticket with a cold beer! Yes, there’s an alcohol aspect to this too. And the great news is the corner shop is just a few doors down so both “essentials” are readily available.  We now have the cheese puff run when a member of the household goes out to forage for this snack (keeping socially distant).


Now, what is going on here?  It’s about desire.  Desire is a learned behaviour, we are not born with it, but we humans quickly learn it until it becomes automatic and habitual.

As a society eating and drinking is all around us.  It is associated with celebration, family, enjoyment.  We grow up thinking it is something to be embraced, so we do!

We unconsciously desire things that make us feel good because our brains have already been programmed by us.  When we eat cake, chocolate, crisps the brain releases dopamine which the body associates with survival, so it then becomes a priority.

If we resist the craving, then the desire just gets and stronger.  So, we eat those cheese puffs which bring swift relief and then, the guilt.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Now the odd cheese puff is fine, I think.  However, in my hypnotherapy work, I help clients to develop a planned and measured response to food and alcohol, so I am well aware that my own cheese puff slippage could become more of an issue. So, with this in mind, I am trying this week to eat carrot sticks and home-made hummus.  Delicious but those cheese puffs are still calling to me!  So, what if I shift my focus and use that energy to help me.  View lockdown as an opportunity to take back control.  There are no social pressures, no eating out or parties where I could go off-piste.  This is actually a good time for me to re-group and use lockdown to my advantage by making healthy choices, think about the right nutrition for me, and embrace that carrot stick!

With hypnosis, it is possible to see yourself the way you want to be.  And to release the desire, unlearn that behaviour and re-programme the brain to ignore the lockdown cravings.

Being on a diet often creates conflict emotionally and physically because it is about restriction. Hypnotherapy can help you to develop a permanent and mindful approach to eating and drinking and you can eat what you like (within reason, i.e. the odd cheese puff!).

So, wish me luck!  And if any of this resonates with you too, then please take a look at the support I offer.  It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating right.  Good health starts from the inside.

LS quote - cheese puff

If you would like to develop a planned and measured response to food and alcohol or need help with lockdown weight-loss, then please take a look at the support I offer.