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Human beings are capable of experiencing 34,000 emotions! With so many, it is not surprising that it can feel at times as though we are navigating very turbulent waters and getting lost on the way. There are three main functions of emotions: adaptive, social, and motivational.

Emotions like joy, gratitude, inspiration, and happiness are all considered to be “positive” and create an upward spiral helping us to build resilience. Fostering these emotions help us to focus on what’s good rather than what’s bad.

Emotions like anger, fear, hurt, anxiety, guilt, sadness, and embarrassment are considered “negative” and are often associated with someone who is struggling or not in control.

However, these so-called “negative” emotions have an important role to play. They keep us safe.

  • Fear enables us to protect and defend, to be wary.
  • Anger enables us to become agitated, to be strong, and to show displeasure.
  • Guilt and sadness can help us to become reflective and to solve problems.

The key is balance, being aware of the reasons we sometimes feel the way we do, and also the impact of our responses on others and ourselves.

If we look at anger, it can all too easily spiral out of control. When we are feeling intense anger, the mind cannot remain objective and will go into the fight or flight response. So, then a simple difference of opinion can turn into a personal attack or passive-aggressive behaviour. If we lose perspective then the prospect of a measured solution becomes very difficult to find. Directing anger into a positive debate can be challenging but also very empowering.

How hypnotherapy can help with emotions

With hypnotherapy, it is possible to create a shift and to develop new measured ways to communicate and find solutions. To re-assess and let negative thought patterns and agendas go. To react in a calm way by changing the tone of response whilst still staying strong and authentic. When we manage our responses well, our relationships improve and we feel supported and understood.

By becoming aware of why we behave, feel, and react the way we do, it is possible to effect positive change and then, ultimately feel happier.

If any of this resonates with you, do please get in touch.

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