LSH blog - blue Monday

The third Monday in January is thought to be the most gloomy and depressing day of the year – Blue Monday. The term was a PR phrase coined by a psychologist in 2004 to encourage people to book holidays! He came up with it after a holiday company asked him for a “scientific formula” for the January blues.

January is not a good month for many. Even those who seemingly have their life on track can struggle at this time of year. Contributing factors to Blue Monday are the weather and amount of light combined with post-Christmas blues. People do tend to fall into a lull and we may feel like hibernating and recharging, but our modern-day lives don’t really allow for that to happen.

This year, in the midst of a pandemic, holidays are a very distant dream. The dawn of a new year has in fact meant lockdown, so it is perhaps more important than ever to be aware of the impact of all of this on our mental health and our motivation levels. However, I believe that it is really important to look after our mental health every day of the year, not just in January, and to check in with how we are doing.

At the moment, for many, every day feels much the same. Weekends come and go and there doesn’t seem much distinction from weekdays if you are at home working remotely.

The month of January and Blue Monday

I believe that January is a time for rest and reflection. It shouldn’t be about a list of resolutions that are not attainable. You don’t need to change yourself because you have entered a new year, but re-grouping and setting some small weekly goals that help you to support yourself can improve your well-being.

Good things can happen in January! So if you are struggling with Blue Monday and a low mood please do make contact with a professional who can help you and take those steps to feel more positive.

January is a busy month for therapists and this is because people are now learning that talking and asking for help is the way forward. Hypnotherapy can help you to make effective changes to prevent repeating negative patterns next year and, to just feel uplifted.

Our moods fluctuate all year round and understanding that and having the tools to tackle it will empower you.