LSH blog - best hypnotherapist in Berkshire

What should you look for when looking for the best hypnotherapist in Berkshire? Finding a hypnotherapist can feel overwhelming especially if you haven’t tried hypnotherapy before. I thought I would share with you how you can make that process easier.

There are a large number of hypnotherapists out there and it is important that you find the right one for you. You need to build a working relationship with your hypnotherapist. You will want to build trust over time so that you feel comfortable with them.

Firstly, if you know anyone who has had hypnotherapy then try to speak to them about their experience. Ask them if they would recommend a therapist that they have seen in the past. Many of my current clients come from referrals because the people I have worked with feel comfortable around me and have therefore recommended me to their friends and family.

Finding the best hypnotherapist in Berkshire

Finding the best hypnotherapist in Berkshire will really come down to a number of things. What is your budget? What location would be best for you? What experience do you want the hypnotherapist to have? Is there a particular type of hypnotherapy you want to have? Some hypnotherapists may also specialise in a certain area and this might just be what you are suffering from.

Currently in the lockdown, searching for the best hypnotherapist in Berkshire might not bring the results you require because they are not open. However, some hypnotherapists, such as myself, are offering online hypnotherapy. This is just as effective and I offer my sessions over Zoom so I can still see my clients face-to-face and interact with them as usual.

Another way to find a hypnotherapist in Berkshire is to search for what is worrying you and what type of hypnotherapy you would like. You can also include keywords that may help refine your search such as anxiety, fear, habits, weight-loss, stop smoking, addiction, insomnia, or bereavement.

When you find a hypnotherapist you like the look of, make sure you pay attention to what types of sessions they offer (face-to-face or online), their availability and the types of clients they can help. This will assist you with narrowing down your search. The next step is to contact the hypnotherapist and I would advise to complete their contact form or give them a call. Doing this enables you to provide more information about what you are looking for and whether they are suitable for you.

One thing I must state is that if the first hypnotherapist you speak to isn’t quite right for you, then please don’t give up. There are many hypnotherapists in Berkshire and we have all different life experiences, techniques and approaches. If you don’t have success with the first one, then it’s always worth trying someone else.

If you would like to speak to me about hypnotherapy, BWRT or EFT then please get in touch and we can arrange a free no-obligation phone call.