LSH blog - reflection

In general, human beings like certainty, familiar routines, and predictable patterns of behaviour. In 2020, we have been living with uncertainty, change, and overwhelming challenges.

The latest news of rising infection rates and the introduction of toughened tier restrictions as we approach Christmas has been particularly difficult for many to cope with. We have been given glimmers of hope only for them to be snatched away from us. We are living in limbo and with fear, waiting for a time when we will be able to be with friends and family again. In the meantime, the effects of living like this on physical and mental well-being can lead many into despair with devastating results.

When I paused for reflection on this year, I realised how much I have had to adapt. I like structure and to plan, so in March, during the first lockdown, when I was unable to see my hypnotherapy clients face to face, I felt completely without purpose. My fellow housemates were busy with work projects and there is only so much cleaning I can cope with! Walking with my dog kept me grounded.

I started writing blogs. I enrolled in various courses, one of which was a webinar about online hypnotherapy. This inspired me to change the way I work and to move my hypnotherapy online. I had some excellent marketing help and very soon I was seeing clients again from all over the UK and further afield with life-changing results. It was a real lesson to me about shifting my focus and believing I can, rather than I can’t, something hypnotherapy enables you to do.

It is not possible for everyone to adapt their business, however putting your life on hold, procrastinating, and hoping that something in the future will make everything better can feel at times exhausting, and depressing. So how to seize the day when we are feeling overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, and lack of self-belief?

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can help you to take back control, identify goals, and start taking those steps so that you have an active role in making positive change for yourself. The life you are living with all its ups and downs is your real-life…so trying to live it the best way you can, will bring feelings of satisfaction and peace. If one door closes then find another one to open and walkthrough.

None of us know what is around the corner, so make some time for reflection, make some shifts and adjustments to make the most of what you have now…the present, and it is the best ‘present’ we can give ourselves this Christmas.

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We are the change we seek